Camp Locations

Gmunden, Upper Austria

The small town with southern charm is next to the beautiful "Traunsee" and surrounded by mountains.

Gmunden was film location for the series "Schlosshotel Orth", but has also other attractions for the guests, such as:

  • "Traunsee-Schifffahrt"
  • Gmundner ceramics
  • Sea castle Orth
  • "Grünbergseilbahn"
  • Renaissance city hall and so on.

FFH Camp Gmunden Youth

FFH Camp Gmunden Adults 5-days camp

FFH Camp Gmunden Adults 2,5-days camp

Kapfenberg, Styria

Kapfenberg, with 23,000 inhabitants the third largest city of Styria, is located between Kindberg and Bruck an der Mur on the river Mürz in Mürztal.

Which in 1145 for the first time mentioned in documents the city mainly through the resident steel industry became famous. The proximity to the Styrian Erzberg and hydropower sufficiently have made here as early as the 15th century, several ironworks arise. Through the acquisition of works by Böhler-Uddeholm of international reputation was established as a steel town. To date, Kapfenberg has remained an important industrial city; local businesses are among the most important employers in the region.

Above the town looms the 1173 first documented Castle Oberkapfenberg on which takes place every year one of the biggest festivals in Austria Ritter.

FFH Camp Kapfenberg Adults

FFH Cap Kapfenberg Youth


St. Poelten, Lower Austria

St. Poelten is a city of contrasts. The traditional old town should be seen as well as the hyper modern "Landhausviertel".

And these things will make your visit unforgettable:

  • the historical old town,
  • modern architecture,
  • a great program of cultural events,
  • St. Poelten as a town for shopping,
  • the centrality in lower Austria which is very good to start trips.

In St. Poelten there were already camps from 2000 to 2002 - the first Fair and Fun camps in history.

FFH Camp St. Poelten Youth

FFH Camp St. Poelten Adults